Herbert Achternbusch

Herbert Achternbusch

Herbert Achternbusch

Über Herbert Achternbusch

Achternbusch kam als uneheliches Kind eines Zahntechnikers und einer Sportlehrerin zur Welt und wuchs bei seiner Großmutter in Mietraching bei…

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Achternbusch im Studium

Mit diesem Film wenden wir uns - neben den privaten Filmfreunden - auch an die Studenten der Film- und Fernsehhochschulen.…



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Heal Hitler

This story is not just Achternbusch' s unforgiving attempt to heal the wounds created by the Hitler years, but also the comparable attitude of authoritative figures which still persist in the present.
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Director: Herbert Achternbusch
DVD: Heilt Hitler! (Untertitel: “Heal Hitler!”)
Label: Kennen
Release: 27.05.2011
EAN: 9783938705889
  ISBN: 978-3-938705-88-9
Duration: 134:18
Subtitles: german, english


I have to admit, when I first watched the Herbert Achternbusch cultfilm Heilt Hitler! I thought what a strange little film this is. As with most of Achternbusch’s films though, this one too has other layers. It isn't immediately apparent what the film is actually about.


Only after I had delved deeper into its message did it unravel its hidden qualities and arcane meaning to me. On the surface, the quaint and dilettantly filmed images tell a seemingly silly story about a German soldier stuck in Stalingrad who, through a miracle, is transported forward in time. However, if you take the trouble to read between the lines, it reveals the fact that this is actually Herbert Achternbusch's most personal work. This film lives not from the quirky quality of its images, but from the poetically told story within them. And you have to pay attention, watch and listen carefully. This is a dark satirical film, funny and almost madly nonsensicle. Arguably, it could even be seen as a weird kind of sci-fi film. Yet beneath all this, lurks a very melancholic film. A film about truth, lies, failure, shame, sex, selfishness, authority, apathy, incest, religion, greed, politics and little people, all struggling somehow to deal with the repercussions of the war. No one is spared. This is Achternbusch’s reckoning with his parents and grandparents generation. It could almost be viewed as an insight into his own family history, a who's who of typical bavarian country life. Confusion reigns as the protagonists query who is the father of who and how. Local trees and flowers take on a mystical sexual importance and become quasi-religious icons to the characters. The film begins during the final stages of the battle of Stalingrad, with two war weary soldiers stuck in a bombed out building, dreaming of escape and home. Seemingly through a miracle, one of them is transported forward in time to suddenly re-appear in Munich during the early 1980s, apparently just in time for the wedding of what may be, or then again not be, his child. The muddled war veteran battles on in the present day, causing confusion all around and reviving questions to the sudden appearance of this once-missing soldier who it manifests, had really been fighting the war on another front all along. This story is not just Achternbusch' s unforgiving attempt to heal the wounds created by the Hitler years and reconcile the indifference of a generation trying to come to terms with the shame of this twelve years of terror, but also the comparable attitude of authoritative figures which still persist in the present. Topics which are as current today as they were when this film was first made.
Heal Hitler!
[Mark Reeder]


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